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Welcome to RecordEASE Web, Hennepin County's Land Records Site

ReordEASE Pro Online Payment Options- RecordEASE Pro subscribers can now pay their monthly invoices through a secure county payment portal. Once registered invoices can be paid using a variety of methods, including debit/credit cards and eCheck. Please see your invoice or email recordeasehelp@hennepin.us for details on registering and taking advantage of these payment options.

Contact Information

Please use these email contacts when needing assistance with:

Land Title Records Access Options

  • Research Center- Self-service kiosks located on Skyway Level of Hennepin County Government Center
  • RecordEASE Public Search- Limited access to search indexes online at no cost
  • RecordEASE Pro- Full online subscription service providing the ability to view documents, certificates of title and plats for a flat $2.50 amount per item
  • Please see our website for more details on all online and in-person access options- Research and obtain real estate records

    Suggested web browser: We recommend using Chrome or the latest version of Edge when accessing this site.

    Tip: Real property records are best searched by legal description or name. Find the legal description most closely associated with a PID or address- https://www.hennepin.us/residents/property/property-information-search

    Assistance with one-time basic searches can be provided without the need of RecordEASE access by emailing recordsrequest@hennepin.us

    Purchase Certified Copies Online

    Certified copies can now be purchased online for mail delivery through our new Virtual Recorder service. Please see the “Purchase certified copies” section- Research and obtain real estate records

    Document Recording Options

    eRecording is the preferred method of submission for commercial entities utilizing a connection provided by an authorized vendor, but there are other options based on customer needs and preferences. Call 612-348-5139 or email recordinginfo@hennepin.us if facing immediate statutory deadlines.

    Documents submitted electronically are normally processed within 1-3 business days. Documents sent by mail face longer processing times (1-2 weeks upon receipt by county) but are assigned a recording date/time when they are received in a recordable form by our office.

    If eRecording is not an option, we recommend sending materials for recording by mail to our office using a delivery service providing tracking capabilities (Fed EX or UPS).

    Examiner of Titles Approval

    For Torrens documents requiring Examiner of Title’s approval, we have developed a process by which documents submitted electronically can be routed to the examiners for approval and back to the Registrar of Titles for recording.

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